Thursday, March 20, 2014

StyleInspiration - The Return of the Backpack

Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Paris Fashion
Week Show (image via The Sartorialist)
Today is the first day of Spring! Luckily Boston is actually having a springlike day. Thank you weather gods! There is nothing like the illusion of spring to get me happy and inspired. Longer days, patio dinners, runs along the Charles = bliss. So, what do I think is the best accessory for these busy and fun-filled days?

Why The Backpack of course!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

QOTD - Gloria Steinem

Recently I have allowed work and other responsibilities to take a front line places in the priority list. As it frequently happens, in order to keep up with work, home, health and familial obligations we deprive ourselves of the simple treat of dreaming. When everything else requires immediate attention isn't our creativity the first of all sacrifices? But, if super serious Gloria Steinem recognizes the importance and need for dreaming, should not we all too must make time and DREAM BIG? I surely think so!

Monday, March 3, 2014

BeautyTalk - Aging Gracefully

Rachel Weisz is the epitome of an
"Beauty has no expiration date." Our bodies take a beating simply surviving the various situations we deal with daily. Whether you are mom juggling the home and kids' schedules, a corporate crusader or young woman trying to make it, the fact is our days are long and our faces pay the price. We all know drinking water and getting sleep are basic requirements, but, what else can we do to ensure looking & feeling our best without going under the knife?

This sense of owning what God gave me is a constant evolution which has enabled a graceful transition into my 30s. Growing up, far from considered good looking, I settled comfortably in the awkward realm until my 20s, when, like many, I found ways to maximize God's given traits and put my best foot forward, figuratively and literally. At this time I have never used Botox nor fillers (have not ruled it out forever though), and, I firmly (no pun intended) believe the items below are to be given credit for this!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

ShoppingTips - Black & Gold

Balmain gold matador skirt, black fur & a gold studded 
Cèline cuff street style (image via La Modella Mafia)
Let's be honest: winter is dragging on. The autumn/winter fashion week's have not helped in the inspiration department, but, alas we must go on. So, in an effort to inject some glam into our lives without inappropriately dressing for the temps outside I give you a simple variation to the little black dress (& gold) look we can implement regardless of seasons inspired by a blast from the past Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City look!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

QotD - Leopoldo López

Original image via El Mundo
As a news enthusiast & a Latin American my attention has been on Venezuela these past few weeks. Far from being a political activist, I am guided by empathy for our brothers and sisters that have lead lives of oppression for over 15 years. In the midst of these protests a hero has been thrust into the spotlight: Leopoldo López (if you do not know about him read a bit on Bloomberg's Businessweek).

Prior to being arrested López told the crowds: "El que se cansa, pierde" / He who tires, loses.

A simple phrase that can keep us going no matter what we are going through!